Ragazzi che pesce!!!!!!!!
Semplicemente stupendo, non tanto come grandezza quanto come linea e corpo. Veramente bello.
Ancora una volta ......grande Jean!!!!


Il racconto della giornata di pesca

Dear friend

Since we (3 of my guides and I) came back a few days ago from a one and a half day fishing trip, we were thinking daily about going back there again as soon as we could. We had so much fun fishing for our personal pleasure. We got to guides visiting anglers on a regular basis therefore we have too little free time to travel and go fishing together upcountry. One month ago we got a phone call from a local friend and boatman who told us that Rohu or Indian Carp (Labeo rohita) were starting to bite well. We could not escape from work and had to wait an opportunity, a break of 2/3 days with guiding. It was already too late to experience the best fishing as the weather (rainy season) was starting to be very bad with very strong winds and heavy showers. We should have been there at the right time beginning of June. But even fishing conditions were tough each afternoon, we caught 2 record fish to be submitted with the IGFA. Kaeng, one of my pro guides, landed a 6.60 kg Rohu, setting then a new record for that species (current record being 5.70 Kg). I caught myself a very big size Java barb of 1.50 Kg which already was a big specimen for that small species (to be submitted as well as a All Tackle record). We had no clients to guide from July 7 until this morning 10 so we headed for that reservoir again, this time for 2 and a half days fishing. Except for a few small size fish (Java Barb and Mystus) caught on Monday afternoon and yesterday we almost got blank. The weather was terribly windy again, with heavy rain in the evening, and we experienced 2 heavy storms. We were even lucky to make it back to Bangkok last night. We were camping on a very small island surrounded by water of about 30 meters wide, since Monday. Very strong winds came beginnning of the afternoon yesterday followed by a violent storm. All around us it was high waves, almost looking like being at sea. The 2 locals boatmen friends who brought us there and all of our gear with their wooden pirogues had to bring us back to land but were not confident at all we could make it. We had to wait for the storm to come down before travelling back to shore. But the weather was getting worse. We had no other option then than having a pirogue ride in the storm as the van chauffeur to bring us back to Bangkok was waiting for us at the local village. Man, I must say it was kind of a very frightening experience. We had no life jackets, just Buddha to ask for help.....If I had any client with us on that trip then I would have taken the decision to wait for the storm to end even if I had to camp one more night. But being only as "the gang", my wife Lek, and my guides Kik, Noi and Kaeng, and having to guide clients this morning, we had to dare. Good karma, good boatmen, we reached the shore allright..... There is always negative and positive (ying and yang) in everything included fishing trips. A part of that scary experience, we had a ball on July 8, breaking both records we had set on our first trip. I got very lucky to hook one huge Java Barb of 2.10 Kg this time. That is a serious record size for that species. And Kaeng (my very same guide who caught that 6.60 Kg Rohu the other day) did it again, landing in the morning a whooper Rohu of 12.50 Kg, a female with a very fat belly full of eggs weighting twice his first record catch! Later, I had a 7.30 Kg Rohu in the afternoon and Noi, another of my guides, had a 7.50 Kg. Now we got to wait next year to get there again and try to do even better. It will be very difficult to break again the Java Barb record as 2.10 Kg is already kind of an exceptional fish. The Rohu record will be also tough to break but a few fish close to the 15 Kg mark have already been caught at that reservoir.

Keep on fishin'