Vincent Gioia Member of
Hudson River Fisherman's Association New Jersey to fishing
at Naviglio Pavese canal and "Airone 2" lake at Mulazzano.

At Naviglio Pavese canal with Marco and Claudio

At "Airone 2" lake, Mulazzano with:
Maurizio, PierCarlo, Graziano, SuperMario and Claudio

Fishing report of the day from Maurizio Lugli

We were a little bit worried about the fishing place were was possible to catch fish with Vince, our US friend, because in Italy the fish are too small if we compare them with the US fish. The Italian big fish are small also for the US. Our intention was to try to find a right mix of people, fishing place and big fish as match as possible and due to this fact we had put together some of our major crazy friends (one by one we are normal but all together .....), the little lake that we have choose was very nice and for the fish we have chosen the carp. The components of the team were Maurizio (myself) and Claudio the inseparable friends of adventures, then SuperMario famous as SuperPippo (Walt Disney) PierCarlo the intriguing perfumer of Padova street and then the Plastic Cousin that catch only the plastic trout in a small lake around Milan. Wake up early and all in front of Peppino shop at 6.30 a.m. to buy all the necessary baits and, after the usual coffee break, we were in a five minutes at our lake. All was organise for Vince, a competition stool was placed, and one of our very strong road, 6 meter long, was armed with all the necessary (line, float and hook). The hook was armed with the baits and the suggestion for Vince was: when the float disappear under the water you have to pull up the road!! Was very difficult for Wince to hold the road because it's length prevent every movements. Anyway, after three o four times that the float was disappear under the water the exclamation of Vince was: "Ooh cunning fish...." During this time the Roubasienne was prepared by myself and Claudio and a lot of carps were catch from the other components of our group. Was the day of the Plastic men (it's nick name) because it's line was terrible and very bad the float was broken but in any case he caught a lot of fish, the SuperMario uncompromising as usual before put in the water it's line said: "Pay attention Carps in the lake, if you don't heat my baits you will stay without food" and (as usual) a lot of Carps stay without food..... The perfumer PierCarlo opened a maize box at a lot of flavour and, after inebriate the fish, he catch some carps. At an certain time an explosion in the voice of Vince said us that one fish was catch, a lot of emotion and clamour was around Vince and after a few minutes the carp was in it's hands for a lot of pictures as a star. When the fish was out of water the first exclamation from Vince was: "Minchia" (typical Italian expression because we have to remember the origin of Vince >>>>>> Sicily). This situation enjoy a lot all of us because Vince was very happy ..... For me was a terrible fishing day because I didn't catch nothing, Claudio enjoy itself because near to me he catch fish and, after every capture, all of "my friends" bring the fish under my eyes in order to show me the aspect of them (bastard friends). Near to 12.00 o clock we decided to take a drink before lunch and with the machine we had reach one of the famous place for our scope. A lot of chips and a mountains of a little meat-ball were on our table in a few minutes and six or seven turn with Campari and white wine were necessary to eat all of them.. After that all of us come back at home and now..... we are waiting for an other Vince's visit, our American friend...