Jean-Francois Helias is a good friend of Nord2000.
Born in France, Jean - Francois Helias is well known to the Thai sports fishing world, being recognized as a premier angler due to his skill, his fishing record and his knowledge. Having lived in Thailand since 1986, he is the only non-Thai to have been featured in numerous Thai fishing magazines and also appears in TV programs. As the founder of Fishing Adventures Thailand, he created guided tour programs for both beginners and experts on sites where he knows fish abound within the exotic rural scenery of the Royal Kingdom of Thailand. Trilingual ( French/English/Thai), with a very agreeable and enthusiastic personality, he is an ideal fishing companion for anyone wishing to know more about the fish of Thailand and how best to catch them. He sent us some photos of Siamese Giant Carp or Catlocarpio siamensis, the world's biggest carp species, his visiting anglers or himself have caught in this beautiful exotic country.
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Look at those amazing carp photos ! Just incredible !!!


Siamese Giant Carp: 110 KG !!!!!!!!