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The parks of belt metropolitan green are present in different European city: Paris, London, Randstad-Holland, Francoforte, Milan and has protected areas around the city. These areas show characteristics of the different territory: the park of belt around in Milan presents a better extension of areas agricultural respect to the woodland areas. In origin a dense coverage forest corporate essentially of oak-tree, farnia-tree and white hornbeam to lime-tree, elm-tree, ashes, rural and cherry maples wild replaced the actual agrarian uniformity of the landscape. Also the zones damps and the fluvial aspired was diffuse: dry river bads and meander of the Lambro river and of other courses of water, zones of breakthrough of the stratum (few under the level of the ground in some areas of the lowland), spring waters (fontanili) and marshy areas entertained the exemplary botany of the damps zones, with black alder-trees, poplars and sallow, reeds, bed of rushes to create a rich and able ecosystem of entertain presences faunistic (herons, rapacious, storks, wild geese and other birds of swamp beyond to kind by now disappearances like the otter, the beaver, the wolf, the bear, the deer). A series of green areas of naturalistic interest is however remained broadcast in the territory of the low to testimony of a natural unique affluence and unrepeatable. An important role to the inland of these areas has played from the spring waters. The spring waters are emergencies of water that basset where the stratum finds clayey impermeable layers that they allow her a gone up again in surface. The water disgorges forming a bubble, so, a font from which the so-called head of the spring waters is originated. To the borders of the head of the spring water develop a rich and flourishing botany that he/she/it/you goes to create a small oasis of nature in the middle of to the country. The Park characterize some zones of specific safeguard of the natural more resources you pray. I/they am Natural Reserves the New spring water of Bareggio, the Sources of the Muzzetta (Rodano) and the Oasis of Lacchiarella. There are other zones of conservation and countries exploitation in which agriculture and nature are amplified for form the characteristic landscape of lowland. A landscape in which is central the role of hedges and masts (we think the area west of the Park around the communes of Cusago, Cisliano, Bareggio and Vittuone), of the traditional crops (the rice, you decay it, the meadows) of the [set-aside] (practice of not processing of the founded and financed fields from the European Union for threshold the excess of agricultural production and favor, among the other, the formation of areas of shelter of the wild fauna). In the other zones of naturalistic interest have fillipped interventions of naturalization of the territory for the presence of woodland and damps zones: the Woods of Cusago, Riazzolo, of the Carengione and the damps zones of the Lamberin of Opera, of Pasturago of Vernate and they of Paullo represent some expressive examples in terminus of interest scientific and testimony of the evolution of the botany. Additionally he/she/it/you is stable I use it of agricultural more compatible techniques with the affluence and the biodiversity of the ecosystem, which those of the biologic agriculture, and of interventions of naturalization of the parallel bands of botany that they accompany the courses of the rivers (also across interventions of naturalistic engineering). The pulls naturalistic of the Park am not the dominant prevailing of the territory but the process of conservation and renaturalization of him aspired more valuables represents a good direction to re-capture a part of the near nature to the city.