During the complete course of the history the human societies could have enhanced and develop only in locale richly furnish of water. Not at random all our city rises in shore to the sea or to a lake, on the banks of a river or on imminent premise a subterranean stratum. Few years ago, after have used the water, the man refunded it to the surrounding with a weak concentration of pollution, promptly busted from bacters and other own organisms of the natural environment. Some of do not buggers to the surrounding and to the our same communion, we have gotten used to discharge each kind of refusal, that came as removed from the houses in the waters and after lax a few time clean up to disappear. This is the custom has not changed after the advent of the industrial civilization and with the adjunct enormous demographic development. They were enhanced but gigantically the quantities of substances discharge in the waters and changed their nature also. Today caused comes a myriad of composts that could not be busted across the natural processes and that adventures of endanger the ecosystem aquatic in which they come in irreversible way discharged. The effects of a contamination of the waters as very bad to the actual moment obliges us to finish notables efforts for can arrange of a resource that, up to any time does, seemed inexhaustible.You think, to example, to the costs of construction and of management of a water-depurator or to the disproportional energy spent for bring a liter of mineral water on our tables. The situation in some cases is been made particularly serious, in prime time in correspondence of those areas where is added the effects of the industrial production and of that agricultural, also she in graeat dependent part from the use of substances chemically synthesizes. With the present part of the web-site, we want to furnish the navigator the tools of base where they can good appreciate the extreme importance of the resource water and learn then to treat it with respect. To this intention, choice has been the Milanese area, certainly an of the zones Italian great exposed the risk of hydric contamination. Milan is helping to the progressional I bust of his subterranean stratum, to a few years ago corporate from water of excellent quality. The public structures demonstrate serious insufficient scarceness wish in the effect actions of bias that could prevent the abusive unloaded of toxic substances on the ground and in the cellar from privatepart of it. The pollutions have been able to as achieve the airiest layers of the stratum and hour adventures of always descend more in depth. we retain fundamental that each of us feels responsible in the management of the resource water and endeavor with decision for reverse the actual sentence. Only we as will guardian, beyond to the quality of the water, also the our same health.


Could we have a right role in the correct management of the resource water? Could we attend in any way for brake the processes of do I bust and bring up the water to a level of nobility? D0 we begin sudden a run of search for create a report of friendship and respect in the comparisons of the water, that is part of us and to which is our life tied. Across this special thread conductor, we explore the territory to the search of the sign of the past legacies in any way to this precious resource; an historical-cultural reading of the territory that will allow us only not of understand like in last century, or before still, the water came used and refunded to the surrounding, but also of reflect on like have changed the styluses of life, and then the way of use and consume the water. We choose a river, a brook or a pond then and we try the life to discover: there are thousand organisms that populate a mirror of water also small and of which we even don't suspect the existence not even. The ability of observe with patience and of pick the forms of smaller life us will give big satisfactions. Or we do any experiment for understand important tied concepts to the water: here will help to approach us to the world of the water, to be more awake and, probably, more responsible. But what is the water that we use all the days? We can control it the quality or take a measure of the contamination also with tools very simple; for our purposes, in deep, is not necessary be of the chemical experienced. These is some proposals that you will find publicize in these pages. You could start from here your run, that you will become wealthy in many ways. Don't forget, but, of involve your friends or, if you are teachers, of impassion the boys in this trip to the discovery of the water. Educate to an intelligent use, understand the value of the resource water it means in fact contribute to re-give an healthy equilibrium to the surrounding and to us same.


The water is font of life:it is sufficient a surface also small of stagnant or current water for receive so many microorganisms. For discover what is get excited in a course of water and know different invertebrates you could depend in this way: get boots of rubber, a riddle to thin sweaters (like that for the flour), a tweezers, some trasparent boxes and a book on the fauna of the sweet waters for identify the animals. You achieve the shore or, if the water is low, push you also in the center of the brook or of the pond; you dip the riddle in water and you shift the bottom with the edge lightly. Remember of riddle in front of the sense of the river and use much canniness always for don't arouse damages to the botany and to the animals. You will have picked up pebbles, mud, gravel, vegetal deposits that there won't allow to characterize sudden the organisms live present. You lower the riddle in water again, shakes it lightly for do to go out mud and sand. When on the bottom of the riddle there will be alone pebble and vegetal fragments, shift them with the tweezers: you will see appear to few to few as many invertebrates (larvas of hexapod, shellfishes, molluscs, gentle) that are camouflaged easily and that we are few accustomed to observe. You take the animals gently with the tweezers and put them in the trasparent box with a few of water. Now you could observe them and examine better and, with a good guide, you try to identify them and to know anything more. Attention but: if you hold the box in hand the water for too much time it warm up, arousing a diminution of the quantity of oxygen and then the death of the animals. You avoid then of bring home or to school the microfauna that you have withdrawn, because would not succeed to survive. Very better is refund it to his surrounding, releasing it after few in the point in which you have found it.

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