That it must bathe us up to the marrow he put in preventive, after takes a look of the meteo conditions, but of drown no literally if he would have imagined! It was being one darker day and more tempestuous, lightnings and thunders and it one more incessant rain has accompanied we from the ballots up to the prize ceremony. More slippery bank and liable to landslides, more given to all the competitors a more agile disposition of feet and above all the fishing on the place from competition. And it to this point enters in action the plunges team specialized of Nord2000 Milan: it begins the show Maurizio Lugli that, it to competition doesn't still initiate and with contempt of the danger, put his footrest really near the water, setting both the feet in one sod that subsides doing one that Maurizio lavishes in a "[carpiato plunge" (coefficient 3,5) with more adjunct "[bong]" of the footrest] that was dragging on the cranium!!! It finishes the show the more subscribed that, to elegant competition, it finishes ways in water in more classical mode; gliding on the grass stomped during the competition while it assays of extract the fishing rod-pod from the earth and it enters in canal (looks like a launching of a new Boat): feet, legs, torso, neck!!!! But the crackerjack truth has been without doubtful Colapinto Michele, that in more beautiful half of competition departs from his fishing foot-board, it detaches, and it directly enters in water with the head (coefficient 4, BRAVO!!!) immediately resurfacing for support the fishing seat boxes that was following the owner in the canal!!