(Naviglio della Martesana)



Spinning On Martesana canal
By Vittorio Vadori

Naviglio della Martesana, Bellinzago Lombardo.

chub, carp, roach, pike, perch and some walleye

We goes to the shorelines of the Naviglio della Martesana with the idea to catch CHUB, fish that to spinning it gives us beautiful emotions both for aggressivity of the hearty meal that for the beautiful ransom of the fish. Is a spot of fishing that I have fortune to have really to 5 minutes afoot from my house. The day introduces him cloudy, and counting that we are almost at the end of February we hope well, also because it makes a little bit cool despite the coffee with inside an anti-cold….. the grapewine!! We bring there confident to the canal, for the precision among Bellinzago Lombardo and Gorgonzola, that in average in it maximum course it quietly overcomes two meters, with some lines to also climb after Inzago around three meters, with one speed of the impetuous, but definite water not, and with a width that varies from the 18 to the 25 meters. Today however the situation is decidedly different, also because in winter is not usually never to its maximum course, therefore it speaks of around a meter with the water that doesn't throw a lot. The equipment that we will use is a reed soft with ability of throwing from the 2 to the 6 Grs Lamiglas “Ultra Light” of the length of 2,10 mt in 2 pieces. Despite the height of the banks I have a good time a lot with a reed of 1,80 mt of length.… “for personal lust!!! For how much it concerns the reel, I almost always uses a measures that look for of to balance the more possible the reed; in the case of the Lemiglas the reel is one Shimano Catana 1000FA. For example: with the climbed on reed and armed with thecork part above the reel must be put above our finger.. If its reed perfectly remains in equilibrium and doesn't fall, it's balanced. However it is not extremely fundamental as instead the choice of the artificial ones and to know how to make to swim them. The line on the reel of the diameter 0,16 (I prefer the fluorocarbon that has a greater rigidity in comparison to normal line and an antireflex to the solar rays) it is a line that allows us to set sail the fish without fords without to lose them, in more it allows us throwing longer with very light bait from 2/3 Grs. For the bait the matter is a litte bit more complicated. I usually use on this canal specific baits from the 3 to the 6 cms at the most, both SINKING” and “FLOATING . For the coloration instead we always watch out for the panfish what we see in water. The colors that go for the most greater to the clear water of the canal they are neutral colors: an imitation of Arborella, Vairone, but also small imitations of Pesch and Trouts. While for the dark waters, you see later one beautiful rained, we will go to make to swim of the artificial ones a little bit more vivacious than coloration. (for greater details on the forms of the same to look at the photos). Excellent baits are the transparencies with coloration on the available dark back like MILO ablet series KAMAGOTCHI MAGICIAN from 4 cms.
and from the Rapala ones to the Salumo.

Entrusted you that makes the Difference!!

Vittorio Vadori

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