An association that has belonged to the history of the fishing in the Province in Milan and not only. Been Born by the idea of a group of friends in 1960 and rewarded by the F.I.P.S. (Italian Fishing Federation) in 1985 for his 25 years of history, has withstood up to 1986, year of the definitive breakup owed not to motives for profit or disagreements among the partners, as often understands a today's day to the societies of fishing, but from a missed generational exchange and contemporarily from an exhausted competitive vein of partners with a lot of years of competitions and tons of kilometers on the back. Then it was not so well organized the juvenile sector and therefore, young fishermen, many times were forced to compete with the adults, often taking some beautiful blows that made them believe not to be brought so much for the competitions and therefore they decided to go fishing for their facts. You was so in harmony, that in the last years of the club, having remained only in two (me and my cousin Alfredo Cagnini that having the same adventure will follow in the Cannisti Taliedo and then in the Nord2000 Milano) to participate in competitions extra-club (Championship for Individual), the club postponed the social competitions to allow us to compete in case of qualification!!! I Serb and I will put aside forever a splendid memory of the years in which I have competed in this club. I have begun following my father when I was a baby (my father Angelo is the first to the left down in the photo, disappeared in May of 1996), then in 1970 I have made my first competition to the Idroscalo in Milan (championship "Young men") and I have continued up to 1985 year when I passed to the Cannisti Taliedo in Milan up to 1998. I remember the first teams competitions to which I participated, to Peschiera del Garda - Mincio river, rather than in Fiuma or to the Po river, when we went to the match also in four with a cars type Fiat 124 family or Opel Kadett and each of us had a limited outfit: "fabric bags" (piece of cloth with inserts) of rods, little box type electrician, net, rod rest in iron and so much desire to have a good time him. The G.S. Of the Erburela, organized every year the famous one "competition of May 1" to the Idroscalo in Milan (I don't remember if was valid for the Cup City of Milan or for the Cup Fips Milano) to which participated 600 fishermen!! Unfortunately I don't remember all the partners' name represented in the photo, but of those that have personally known and with which have had the pleasure and the honor to fish and from which have had the immense fortune to learn to handle a rod, certainly yes!
Many thanks to my mother Lina that had give me a hand to recognize the last names of many fishermen illustrated in the old photo because I'm absolutely not able to remember; when was taked i was a baby of about 3 years!!!!
Costa Franco (President)

Cagnini Angelo
Grechi Fausto
Grechi Sandro
Biffi Giuseppe
Felisini Pasqualino
Zuffi Gino
Pomè Gino
Pomè Carlo
Carelli Italo
Scotti Gianni
Scotti Nando

Paride Renato
Rodolfo Luigi
Carella Alfredo
Panza Claudio
Pizzocheri Oreste
Germani Antonio
Rossi Celestino
Ghizzardi Giuseppe
Carati Pio

Myself on the match at Peschiera del Garda (Mincio river) in 1985 with the GS Erburela
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